Paper Boat by Ken Kerkhoff and S.M. Pejathaya

Both write with remarkable feeling as they interweave Indian experiences. Their stories offer a refreshing look at a remarkable country, its people, customs and its maze of religious proclivity.

Smell the spicy curries, hear the rattle of the bullock cart and the cries of the street vendors, and feel the dust on your teeth as you encounter the sensations experienced by young Americans being introduced to village life.

Pause, to delight in Pejathaya’s stories about the elephant that played cricket, or the man they called the “Known Delinquent,” or blind Diwaker who was given the best gift of all, and many more.

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Appreciate the incredible history and culture of India through the fascinating tales of Kerkhoff and Pejathaya.



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May 21, 2015

Author Ken Kerkhoff enjoyed speaking and signing books at the Jessie F. Hallett Memorial Library in Crosby, Minnesota. Thanks to all who turned out.

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July 2015

Five of the India-60 Peace Corps Volunteers featured in Paper Boat, along with their wives, got together at Winds Way Farm on New York’s Long Island for a reunion. Richard and Nancy Wines hosted the group on their beautiful farm on Peconic Bay. 

Mandhanur is the conjunction of the names for Manvi (MAN-) and Sindhanur (-DHANUR) Talukas (or counties) in Raichur District, where the India-60 volunteers served as agricultural workers for two to three years.